Our Vision


To realize our vision of being North America’s leading independent manufacturer of innovative solutions of specialty steel products, we must be committed to a culture that embraces and adheres to our Core Values.


– Maintain an absolute commitment to the safety of ourselves and others
– Demonstrate through actions a commitment to the well-being of the community and the environment
– Commit to achieving a work environment that prioritizes safety, health and compliance with safety laws and regulations


– Be respectful, honest, responsible and accountable and engage in fair dealings
– Maintain an uncompromising commitment to ethical and moral standards of behavior
– Develop and maintain trustworthy business relationships


– Deal with people and issues openly, directly and respectfully
– Foster a climate of trust and openness between people
– Nurture and respect the diversity represented by our fellow employees and our collection of businesses

Drive for Results

– Be positive and have a “can do” attitude
– Hold ourselves and others accountable for goals and results
– Consistently expect more and maintain a mindset of excellence in all we do

Customer Focused

– Have a passion for understanding and meeting the unmet needs of our customers
– Be innovative in identifying new opportunities and approaches for our customers
– Be actively responsible for the quality, reliability and service to our customers